Capturing a moment

As a photographer there are certain images that are so powerful that they are an affirmation of why I pick up the camera. They are the embodiment of an emotion, forever captured to be experienced over and over again. I love to see an image that is bursting with joy and raw emotion!

Here are two of my favourites wedding shots:



This first image is captured as the brides veil (and the grooms kilt) are almost taken away by the wind.

During a photo shoot, the unexpected high wind made for some fantastic shots. Joy and hilarity is captured in a wonderful moment as I remember to take photo’s and not to laugh along with the couple. These unexpected events can often create images that stand out from the whole day.




The second image is captured during the  vows.

There is little I need to say about this, the look on the brides face and the pure emotion say’s more than I could put into words. Perfect.

Two of the many reasons of why I am photographer!



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