About me

About me

I understand that choosing a wedding photographer can be a daunting task, as me and my wife discovered. We came to realise that we needed to choose a photographer who we would enjoy spending time with, as well as someone whose style we both liked. So here is a little bit about myself.

I live with my wonderful wife in the Cotswolds. Together we enjoy exploring the countryside and the landscape. We often go for walks, and are both keen wildlife fans. We often spot deer, pheasant, water voles, hedgehogs, owls and other birds of prey. Our favourite evening’s entertainment is to visit ‘Thirsty Meeples’, the board game café in Oxford.

I grew up in Sheffield, where my passion for photography started at Art college. I went to University in Hereford and also spent several years living in Birmingham.
I love music and have been amassing my collection for almost 20 years. Favourite artists include, Gogo Penguin, Kate Tempest, Slade, Eels, The Smiths, Buzzcocks, Motorhead, the Unthanks, Patti Smith and The Divine Comedy.
I am also a keen reader, my favourite authors being, Irvine Welsh, Iain M Banks, Terry Pratchett, Joseph Heller and Matt Haig.
But like most people I enjoy sharing these passions with my friends and family, who are spread out all over England. This means travelling to and getting to know other cities and towns which is always intersting.

I value my uniqueness and see a little eccentricity as an everyday part of life. I like bright colours and try to be an outgoing person. I’ve met some wonderful people over the year’s and I am very thankful of that. I look forward to life’s future challenges and adventures.


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